My products

I build my own products too where I enjoy talking directly to the users and iterating based on their feedback. Here is the list of my current and past projects:

  1. JustComments is a reliable commenting system which you can plug into any website in a matter of minutes. It’s ad-free and has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You can easily customize it and make it fit into your website.

  2. 60devs is a collaborative blog where I publish my own or guest blog posts. I am running the site since 2014.

  3. SupporterHQ was a site which helped open source projects to collect donations. During its lifetime more than 10000 USD has been donated using the system. Later we decided to shut the service down because the space got a lot of very good alternatives and we understood that we cannot provide a better service.

  4. is a micro-product which allows converting objects from JSON to JS notations.

  5. Open polyline decoder is a micro-product which helps visualize polylines on a map.